July 16, 2024

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Yamaha Enters Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme

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Yamaha has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme, which allows third party providers to integrate their technologies with those of Q-SYS.

The audio, video, and control platform provider, Q-SYS, has already delivered on this commitment by certifying Yamaha’s ADECIA RM-CG Ceiling Array Microphone plugin for use with its own products.

As a result, the ADECIA plugin and future technologies approved by Q-SYS will help to boost sales as they gain relevance to both Yamaha and Q-SYS customers.

In January, Nureva also joined the D-SYS Technology Partner Programme, allowing it to integrate its audio control and camera tracking solutions with Q-SYS.

Thomas Hemery, Senior General Manager of Yamaha Professional Solutions Division, outlines what Yamaha can bring to the technology partnership:

“With this certification and participation in the Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme, we can help solve the ecosystem complexities of today’s conferencing environment.

“We will deliver a high-quality conferencing experience through the integration of ADECIA ceiling microphones and the Q-SYS Platform.”

Certified: ADECIA RM-CG Ceiling Array Microphone

The ADECIA RM-CG uses multi-beam tracking commands to elicit talker-based camera switching, which the Japanese technology manufacturer Yamaha says will “[enable] meeting equity in various environments” – in meeting spaces, universities, or government offices, for example.

The plugin lets users connect through IP address, view device information, and control the device settings like tracking speed, mic gain, automix settings per channel, and LED mode.

It will be made available to customers through a future release of the Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) plugin.

Yamaha has also announced that it will release the VXC2P Dante/Poe ceiling speaker with signal processing and the CTL-BN1, which works as a mute button for the ADECIA microphones as well as an external controller.

Both of these will be added to the ADECIA product portfolio, and they are expected to be made available in autumn later this year.

Geno Zaharie, Principal, Alliances & Ecosystem, Q-SYS, commented on the addition of Yamaha to its partner programme:

“We are proud to have Yamaha join our programme and work collaboratively with us on a plugin integration that will enable elevated experiences across our shared customers.”

On its website, Q-SYS explains that it will work alongside its partners to co-create solutions that will work within its technology ecosystem.

Other benefits of joining its partner programme, it explains, are deeper integration with Q-SYS, the opportunity to develop Q-SYS approved solutions, and ongoing support from its team to help deliver “a new generation of solutions to our shared customers.”

A New Age of Interoperability

There is a growing appetite in the technology community for integrated solutions between vendors, which includes the biggest players like Microsoft, Cisco, and Google.

While the competition between these companies remains, the benefits of forming collaborative product partnerships is being viewed more and more as preferable to stymieing each other’s business outcomes.

Numerous other partner programmes have also been launched, including the Microsoft 365 Document Collaboration Partner Programme in February this year, which enables eligible platform providers to integrate Microsoft 365 applications.

In addition, less than two months ago, Q-SYS launched a control app for Zoom Rooms that could serve various Zoom Rooms controller consoles, showing that it is happy to work from both sides of the fence as a partner.


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