July 25, 2024

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Varda Partners With Slow Philosophy to Boost Soil Insights With Global FieldID and Agroscoring Technology

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Varda, the agtech data service provider founded by Yara, has announced its partnership with Slow Philosophy, the agrotech company assisting decision-makers on where to cultivate certain crops.

Varda’s Global FieldID, which establishes a geospatial reference framework for the entire agricultural industry, will merge with Slow Philosophy’s Agroscoring, a tool to facilitate strategic decision-making for rural development activities — from agribusinesses to environmental practices and also real estate development.

Agroscoring is an innovative tool designed to offer key stakeholders, such as policy makers and investors, a comprehensive agricultural reference index and a detailed assessment of farmland information. Its aim is to support and enhance the efforts of those dedicated to maintaining and improving the health and productivity of farmland.

Slow Philosophy will integrate Varda’s Global FieldID into its field index algorithm to offer detailed insights which will enhance agricultural efficiency. Varda’s system maps agricultural fields, enabling seamless data sharing through unique IDs assigned to each land plot, essentially creating a ‘QR code for fields’. Through the collaboration with the Agroscoring platform, relevant stakeholders will gain the ability to assess their farmland for optimal production, taking into account climatic risks and soil conditions.

Varda’s integration into the Agroscoring solution will provide farmers and agricultural stakeholders with crucial insights about their mapped fields, and also improve soil health. This includes detailed weather information such as accumulated precipitation and humidity, alongside other variables that monitor carbon neutrality and geolocation factors. These insights will enable farmers to accurately report on how healthy their farmland is and what improvements can be made.

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Raúl Sánchez, CEO at Slow Philosophy, commented: “This partnership is an important step in our mission to transform the agricultural industry. It isn’t just an advancement in land assessment technology, but also a significant step in empowering farmers and key stakeholders with precise, actionable insights. It emphasizes our dedication to sustainable farming, ensuring that every decision will contribute positively to soil regeneration and crop efficiency.”

Davide Ceper, CEO at Varda, commented: ‘‘The insights gained through this partnership will be instrumental in driving progress and realizing our shared vision of a more sustainable, resilient, and transparent agricultural ecosystem. By providing public and private stakeholders, farmers and regulatory parties with data-driven insights into their fields, the partnership assures a virtuous cycle for collaboration and success in the quest to expand regenerative agriculture. At Varda, we aim to facilitate collaborative data sharing through a standardized approach that can benefit all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. We see our Global FieldID service as a digital public infrastructure and are working to ensure our delivery model reflects this philosophy going forward.”



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