July 25, 2024

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Uyen Lam wins 2023 World Technology Partners sustainability student research competition

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Uyen Lam, a dedicated Saskatchewan Polytechnic student researcher specializing in
geospatial technologies, has been announced as the winner of the 2023 World Technology Partners sustainability student research competition. Lam’s groundbreaking work focuses on
the utilization of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) techniques
for sustainable development and environmental monitoring.

Lam’s applied research work primarily revolves around the analysis of remote sensing
data obtained through satellites and drones. By harnessing these advanced technologies,
Lam aims to extract valuable land-use and land-cover information, which will play
a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness. Lam
is part of a project team that is working together to develop data management tools
for community-based land stewardship in First Nation areas in Saskatchewan and with
Indigenous/artisanal coastal fishers and farmers the Philippines. This community-driven project will identify crucial elements such as agricultural
land, forests, water bodies, building footprints and other areas of cultural significance.

“Congratulations to Uyen on receiving this international award,” says Dr. Abdul Raouf,
research chair at Sask Polytech and Lam’s research advisor. “She is a very hard-working
student that is doing excellent, innovative work in the field with First Nations communities.
It is exciting to see how passionate she is about GIS techniques and sharing her knowledge
with others.”

One of the key objectives of Lam’s research is to develop digital interactive web-based maps that can be accessed by both the public and administrators. These user-friendly maps
will provide a comprehensive overview of the natural and man-made assets within the
communities. By implementing an efficient asset management system, Lam’s research
aims to empower communities to adopt digital governance, ultimately enhancing their
socio-economic and environmental resilience.

“I like working with GIS because it’s a very innovative technology. My favourite part
of this applied research project is working in the field, meeting new people and providing
training to community members of Frog Lake First Nation on how to build a comprehensive
digital online mapping system,” says Lam.

Lam’s project aligns with several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs). These include: SDG 4 quality education, SDG 11 sustainable cities and communities,
SDG 13 climate action and SDG 15 life on land. Her applied research work focuses on
enabling First Nation participants to manage digital data and effectively use this
data to map assets for future development planning and drafting policies for environmental

As an Engineering Design and Drafting Technology diploma student at Sask Polytech,
Lam’s exceptional commitment to research has earned her Sask Polytech’s Saskatchewan
Innovation and Opportunity Applied Research Scholarship of $1,000 and the Moose Jaw
and District Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.

Sask Polytech, as part of an international network of post-secondary institutions,
is signatory to the SDG Accord, a global initiative to further SDGs. Led by the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EAUC) and supported
by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), the accord is the post-secondary sector’s
collective response to advance the critical role that education has in delivering
17 global targets for reducing inequality, ending poverty and hunger, improving health
and education, protecting the planet, and enabling innovation and meaningful work
for prosperity by 2030.

World Technology Partners’ goal is to promote technology throughout the world through development of informational,
programming and educational resources. Their efforts are to develop new strategies
to highlight the increasing research, collaboration and opportunities throughout the
world for future generations. They provide opportunities for connecting researchers,
students and communities to solve sustainability related issues though applied research
and innovation.

To learn more visit saskpolytech.ca/research.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is signatory to the SDG Accord. Sustainable Development Goal alignment is one of the ways Sask Polytech is leading the rise of polytechnic education.

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