July 16, 2024

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New trial shows significant emissions reduction and fuel efficiency gains in railway technology

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A trial at the Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre showcased Advanced Hydrogen Technologies’ Engine Carbon Clean and Capture device, significantly cutting emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency in railway locomotives.

New trial shows significant emissions reduction and fuel efficiency gains in railway technologyNew trial shows significant emissions reduction and fuel efficiency gains in railway technology

Credit: Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Group’s

In a pioneering two-week trial conducted at the Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre in the West Midlands, Advanced Hydrogen Technologies (AHT) Group has achieved remarkable results with its Engine Carbon Clean and Capture device on a Class 08 locomotive. The trial, a collaborative effort between AHT and the Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC), showcased a reduction in overall exhaust gas emissions by 22% and heavy particulates by 20%. In addition, the locomotive demonstrated an 8% improvement in diesel efficiency.

AHT’s innovative technology consists of a four-cell hydrogen generator designed to clean residual carbon build-up in diesel engines. Following this cleaning process, a bespoke capture device further decreased harmful emissions and particulates, solidifying the technology’s efficacy.

Marcus Mayers of HNRC said: “This was the ideal opportunity to solve the pressing issue of how to measure and quantify the benefits of hydrogen, which has been holding us back for years. Access to both AHT’s specialist technology and BCIMO’s outstanding testing facilities has given us the data and backing we need to have a proven business investment case for upgrading our locomotives.”

AHT CEO, Ben Kattenhorn, said: “These landmark results are further proof that our award-winning proprietary technology reduces carbon footprint and fuel costs, while helping businesses meet their net zero targets. We also know these figures get even better over time.”

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Key findings from the trial include substantial reductions in carbon monoxide (27%), carbon dioxide (8%), nitric oxide (22%), nitrogen dioxide (12%) and formaldehyde (39%) emissions. The capture device specifically targeted particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter, known for their adverse health effects.

Importantly, the technology’s non-invasive application ensures it does not damage engine components, making it suitable for a wide range of locomotives without requiring parts removal or harsh chemical treatments.

AHT plans to expand the deployment of their Engine Carbon Clean and Capture system, which is modular and adaptable to various locomotive sizes and types. Future efforts aim to secure mainline certification, further validating its economic and environmental benefits across the railway sector.

This trial sets a new standard in railway technology innovation, offering tangible solutions that contribute to both operational efficiency and environmental stewardship within the industry.


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