July 16, 2024

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Merkle Achieves Global Partnership Status with Braze

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Merkle, dentsu’s leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, today announced it has become a global strategic partner within the Braze Alloys Partner Program. A Braze partner since 2020, Merkle and Braze collaborate to provide digital messaging innovation for the world’s leading brands – driving brand equity and value to fuel business growth. 

UScellular tapped Merkle to establish and customise the Braze platform, integrating Merkury’s product suite, Merkury for Enterprise, to deliver identity management services. This migration includes digital messaging, analytics, and strategic planning. In partnership with Braze, UScellular’s goal is to enhance segmentation, deliver personalised content, and ultimately elevate the customer experience to increase engagement and loyalty while ensuring consistency across all communication channels. 

“Through the global expansion of our partnership with Braze, we are proud to help integrate, customise, and amplify customer engagement capabilities for Braze customers,” said Tom Miller, growth officer, global alliances and partnerships, for Merkle. 

“Now more than ever, it’s critical for brands to have personalised engagement strategies that reach consumers when it matters most,” said Myles Kleeger, president and chief commercial officer at Braze. “It’s exciting to see increasing momentum for our solutions partner program within Braze Alloys. We look forward to continued success and collaboration as we work with our partners to power brilliant customer engagement strategies that propel growth for brands.” 

Braze is the leading customer engagement platform that empowers brands to Be Absolutely Engaging™. Braze strongly believes in the power of partners and ecosystems, and understands that in order to effectively connect with customers today, a fully integrable customer engagement platform is critical. The Braze Alloys Partner Program was launched in 2018 in an effort to help customers augment and deploy relevant, memorable experiences built on the Braze customer engagement platform. The program has since grown to include 200+ technology partners, enabling brands to carry out real-time customer experiences with a faster time-to-delivery, as well as 1,600+ solutions partners to help customers conceptualise creative campaigns and integrate the Braze platform.  

Braze Alloys partnership status is determined by several factors — including accreditation, measured by the amount and depth of Braze certifications; delivery outcomes, measured by the volume of Braze customers; business performance, evaluated through influenced revenue and sourced opportunities; and adoption of the Braze platform. 

For more information about the relationship between Braze and Merkle, click here. To learn more about Braze Alloys, visit here


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