July 16, 2024

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Ian Schrager Doubles Down on Technology at PUBLIC Hotel and Delivers ‘Luxury for All’ with Stayntouch

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Bethesda, Md. – Stayntouch, a global leader in cloud-based hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technology, partners with Ian Schrager’s tech-forward PUBLIC Hotel in Lower Manhattan, known for its upscale, tech-savvy approach to luxury accommodations.

PUBLIC Hotel utilizes Stayntouch PMS and Kiosk solutions for a customized and seamless check-in experience, streamlined operations, and enhanced connectivity to 3rd party platforms. With Stayntouch, PUBLIC Hotel has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Elevated Service and Operational Efficiency: PUBLIC provides guests with a seamless and fully digital welcome experience, delivering a 1-minute check-in with Stayntouch Kiosk.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Seamlessly integrated a diverse range of leading third-party platforms, including Toast POS, to effectively manage the operations of seven F&B venues on the property.
  • Reliable Tech Partner Assurance: PUBLIC Hotel relies on responsive deployment and customer success teams, and has collaborated with Stayntouch to develop a bespoke guest journey flow.
  • Significant Cost Reductions: Achieved a significant reduction in costs while enhancing connectivity by consolidating multiple technology vendors into a single kiosk solution.

At PUBLIC, our goal is to continually innovate and utilize innovative technology to provide outstanding experiences to a wide range of guests. Through our partnership with Stayntouch, we’ve optimized our check-in process using kiosk and mobile solutions, to assist our PUBLIC advisors in delivering an enhanced guest experience. Our team highly appreciates the partnership we’ve established with Stayntouch and their robust, user-friendly property management system, which has been as easy to use as the universal Apple iPhone. Ian Schrager, Owner and Creator of PUBLIC

We’re excited about our partnership with PUBLIC and share Ian Schrager’s vision of delivering a luxurious guest experience through innovative technology and personalized service. Since day one of implementing our cloud PMS at PUBLIC, we’ve maintained a strong partnership that has been pivotal in driving fresh and compelling feature innovations in our product, precisely tailored to meet PUBLIC’s needs. These enhancements have not only streamlined processes but have also significantly enriched the overall guest experience. Jacob Messina, CEO of Stayntouch

About PUBLIC Hotels

PUBLIC’s fundamental premise is LUXURY FOR ALL. It is built on four key pillars: service, style, unique experience and value. However, it’s not luxury as we traditionally know it, but luxury reflecting a new definition. Luxury is no longer about things or how much something costs. It is not a business classification, a price point or based on scarcity. Luxury is now about experiences and how something makes you feel. Luxury is being democratized and is now for everyone. Popular, Cantina & Pisco Bar, The Roof, two fifteen, and Lobby Bar, as well as the unique entertainment venue ArtSpace, each have their own vibe and personality so depending on your mood, you might end up hitting all on the same night or just one. With lushly landscaped gardens, multiple communal workspaces, and private event rooms, both indoor and outdoor atop the building with jaw-dropping 360-degree unobstructed views of the city, the spaces provide the ultimate in socializing, entertaining, working and even just people watching.

About Stayntouch

Stayntouch offers a cloud-native, full-featured hotel property management system (PMS) with over 1,200 best-in-class integrations. Its intuitive design and flexible capabilities help hoteliers streamline operations, drive revenue, increase profits, and captivate guests. The innovative UpsellPRO feature, powered by Attribute-Based Selling (ABS) and dynamic pricing, enables hotels to unbundle reservations and market individual room features during the booking process, creating expanded revenue opportunities. Stayntouch also offers a comprehensive tech suite for seamless booking, payments, channel management, and digital guest check-in. Backed by a team of professionals with deep hospitality industry experience, Stayntouch is a trusted partner to leading management companies, innovative independent brands, and iconic independent properties. For more information, visit www.stayntouch.com.

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